Material Testing

Shalom Services Corporation provides both field and laboratory testing. Our clients includes Department of Transportation, General Contractors, Municipalities, Public Utilities, Airports, Public Infrastructures, and Private Developers.
Compaction Testing using Nuclear Density Guage
·  Test Slump, Air, and Temperature
·  Prepare Samples for Strength
·  Test Batches
·  Masonry (Preparing Cubes and Prism Samples)
·  Sample Aggregates
·  Batch Plant Inspection (Weights Verification and Adjustment)
·  Coring
·  Field Soil Compaction

Laboratory Testing
·  Compaction Testing(Standard and Modified Proctor, Relative Density)
·  Index Properties
·  Moisture Content
·  Classification
·  Attenberg Limit
·  Grain Size Analysis
·  Compressive Strength Testing
·   Washed Gradation
·  Specific Gravity and Absorption
·  Deleterious Substances