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Civil Engineering Design
 Shalom Services Corporation, SSC, an Engineering Firm which is dedicated to providing you the professional services that are required to stay current and above today's demands. We are dedicated to clients' needs, providing our clients with services which exceed their expectations. We are fast growing firm, always looking for quality staffing opportunities and joint ventures with other consultants to become a leading Consulting firm.
 In our professional pursuit, SSC Engineers are constantly reminded and encouraged, with a keen sense of urgency, to be mindful of the following:

  • Promote interdisciplinary actions required to sustain and optimize the natural, built and socio-economic environments.
  • Promote if feasible, the increased use of renewable and recycled non-renewable materials in the construction and operation of facilities and infrastructures.
  • Perform conscientious assessment of the environmental impact of projects, basing recommendations on environmental soundness.

Shalom Services Corporation’s culture of consultancy services goes beyond expert planning, design, development, and construction of Transportation and subsurface infrastructures projects. We have experience with alternative delivery methods such as design-build.
Shalom Services Corporation has the scope, resources, people, and experienced professionals who are familiar with all types of Transportation infrastructure designs, and understand the different design approaches required for successful, sustainable projects.  Our team of professionals adds value to projects through innovative design options that increase savings in construction and operational costs. Our professionals stay current through continue education to familiarize themselves on all options available in sustainable design.

Shalom Services Corporation provides the following Design services: Site Development Design, Feasibility Studies, Concept Plans, Zoning Assistance, Permit Applications, Utility Coordination, Storm Drainage and Detention Facilities, Flood Plain Studies, Storm and Sanitary Sewer Design, Streets and Highway

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